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JTY-GD-PW001B independent photoelectric smoke and fire detector and alarm
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JTY-GD-PW001B independent photoelectric smoke and fire detector and alarm

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Power supply

One 9 V alkaline storage battery, about 3 years of service life in normal operation


Red, flashing about once every 45 seconds in normal operation

Alarm sound

More than 80 dB at 3 m

Camera function (optional)

Take pictures to confirm whether there is a fire

Cloud service (optional)

Push messages to mobile APP and computer in case of fire

Protected area

60 m2~80 m2, the specific parameters are subject to the Code for Design of Automatic Fire Alarm System (GB50116)

Working environment

Temperature: -25°C ~ +50°C

Relative humidity

≤95% (non-condensing)


104.7mm in diameter, 60 mm in height (with base)

Shell material and color

ABS ivory white



Distance of installation holes


Standard applied


Note: No alarm messages are shown in normal operation


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