Focus on intelligent fire protection system
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Corporate tenet: human oriented, customer first
We are passionate to explore, bold to change, and aggressive to proceed.
We prosper with customers, win with partners, and cooperatively compete with peers. We share weal or woe and devote ourselves to our business intensively and wholeheartedly. We hold fast to our dreams, strive to expand our pool of partners with whom we work together to exploit the market in the principle of shared benefits. Our vision is to build Pawer into the best development platform for individuals.

Team spirit: leap to the top with unity.

Our wish is to become a healthy, long-standing, and innovatively growing company.

We improve corporate management, build corporate brands, expand market influence, establish a sound business image, and cultivate core competitiveness.

Corporate mission: To provide customers with the most valuable products and services, and to create a platform for employees to fulfill their lives.

We are boldly leading the trend of “smart cloud service and big data for fire protection”, providing customers with efficient, scientific, instant, and premium smart fire protection service, and conducting in-depth research on Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data technologies.

Turn data into productivity, provide scientific basis and means for people's work and life, and create a smarter lifestyle.

We have gradually clarified the positions of employees and enriched them from inside, in a bid to unify all the employees mentally and practically.

Corporate vision: To become a widely-respected first-ranking fire protection provider of China featuring the highest market value and core competitiveness

Shouldering the mission of re-embodying the honor of craftsmanship, Pawer exits to better serve global smart fire protection undertaking.

As a smart fire protection service provider, we deeply concern about the sustainable development of the human society and commit ourselves to creasing a better future.

Corporate philosophy: Innovation for sustainability and cooperation for mutual benefits.

Develop with innovation, survive with quality, profit with efficiency and win the market with service.

A belief is a must for the prosperity of both men and companies. A company can never develop without innovation, while innovation can never happen without cooperation.

As the company grows, Pawer has gradually formed a community of common future where everyone is inter-connected.

Core values: sharing benefits, sharing undertakings, sharing ideas, sharing harmony.

Through continuous and cooperative innovation, we will provide more intelligent service in both contents and methods, improve the quality of life, and allow people to share a better life.

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